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Looking for your dream door? Use our Solidor Door Designer now

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  • Fully Reversible Windows Cheltenham

    Fully Reversible Windows, Cheltenham

    The Little Conservatory Company - the double glazed fully reversible window specialists in Cheltenham, Cotswolds

    fully reversible windows cheltenham

    Fully reversible Windows are the perfect solution for multi-storey apartment blocks

    Our range of fully reversible windows have been designed to meet the increasing demands for windows that are easy to maintain.


    The perfect solution for high rise situations

    Contemporary appearance combined with convenient maintenance

    ‘Choices’ Fully Reversible Windows have been designed to meet the growing requirements for easily to maintain windows in hard to reach places, ideal for multi-storey and Hi rise apartment blocks. The reversible window provides a simple, safe method of carrying out routine maintenance, where it might otherwise be difficult to clean in the traditional manner by allowing the window to rotate fully thru 180°.

    ‘Choices’ fully reversible windows offer the best quality and design features whilst providing a convenient option for windows in any type of application.

    With flush fitting casement the 'Choices' Fully Reversible window gives a contemporary appearance to any building and they are designed to create the maximum light into the room. Their unique 180° reversible action means that the external face can be cleaned from the inside of the room and allows a high level of ventilation.

    Colour Options

    Smooth White
    smooth white windows and doors Cheltenham
    mahogany windows and doors Cheltenham
    rosewood windows and doors Cheltenham
    Any Colour
    bespoke coloured windows and doors Cheltenham
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